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Why is it important to work with Nutrition Care of Rochester while you’re pregnant?

You are growing a human being and all of their body parts! You need to meet your needs and their needs to support proper growth and development. Your nutrition during your pregnancy will have a direct effect on the child inside your womb and not just in that moment either, what you put on or in your body sets the stage for their future health.
Why invest in your prenatal care?
  • It reduces maternal and child mortality
  • It prevents complications during pregnancy and delivery
  • It prevents stillbirth, preterm birth, and low birth weight
  • It prevents birth defects
  • It can lower the risk of some forms of childhood cancer
  • It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease later in life
What will Nutrition Care of Rochester do for you?
  • Analyze your diet to ensure that you are receiving the proper nutrients for growing that baby
  • Ensure that you are taking a safe supplement that provides all of the nutrients you need (not too little and certainly not too much)
  • Provide diet guidelines for healthy weight gain recommendations
  • Help you adjust your diet if you are having morning sickness
  • Educate you on how to identify and avoid substances that are harmful to your unborn child
  • Teach you about safe food handling and how to avoid food poisoning
  • Encouragement to seek appropriate exercise and relaxation techniques for stress management
  • Help you manage any specific diagnosis such as anemia or gestational diabetes
This isn’t the time for drastic diets so we won’t be doing that here. In fact, if anyone recommends that you cut any major food groups out of your diet while you are pregnant, let that be a red flag. Following an unbalanced diet (such as one that is too heavy on the protein and severely restricting carbohydrates) could lead to stunted growth and development of the baby.

My goal at this point is to just ensure you are on the right track with diet quality and have goals to aim for without feeling restricted. I have been pregnant twice. I understand what it’s like to have to find the balance for what baby needs, what baby wants, and what will keep baby from making you lose your lunch!

It’s very important to learn about the next milestone before you approach it. As you enter mid- pregnancy, we will begin to discuss breastfeeding and planning your postpartum Nutrition Care!

You and your baby deserve personalized Nutrition Care! Call for an appointment today!
The pursuit of educating and empowering women to make the choices that put themselves and their children's health above all else.
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