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The time has finally come; you are ready to start your family! Improving your health shouldn’t start with a positive pregnancy test. Once you are pregnant, your health care provider likely won’t see you for your first appointment until you are around 8 weeks pregnant.
Why is it important that you see me before you are even pregnant?

Because of weeks 5-8, before you even see the doctor!

During week 5 the baby’s brain, spinal cord, and heart develop. The gastrointestinal tract begins to form. It’s this time that the baby is most at risk for damage from things that may cause birth defects.

During weeks 6 and 7 the baby’s brain starts to form and take shape, tissue grows that will be the baby’s bones, the heart beats and blood pumps through the vessels.

Week 8 the brain is still growing and the lungs are starting to develop.

Now you visit your doctor and await direction on how to care for yourself and your baby.

Don’t wait to start your prenatal care when you are pregnant. Your weight, nutrition habits, social habits, stress, and environmental toxins all play a role in your ability to get pregnant, your pregnancy outcome, and it even sets the stage for your child’s future.

Get ahead of the game and be at your best. Your most successful outcome will happen when you have the best foundation.
What can Nutrition Care of Rochester do for you?

I will help teach you how to improve your eating habits.

I will show you how to focus more on whole and unprocessed foods and steering away from fast convenience foods. However, I am not the food police. I am also not a magician. I am here to teach you and work with you. You make the decisions that you will be able to sustain for long term success, I am just here to facilitate and guide that process. Small improvements lead to great changes.

I can’t stress enough that what you learn and how you value nutrition will directly affect your child’s view on food and health. They will pass that knowledge on. Let the change begin with you!

I will help you get control of your weight before pregnancy.

Whether you are under or overweight, working towards reaching your ideal body weight is a great accomplishment and so important for your health and the health of your future child. It can help aid in fertility, will help in your health during your pregnancy and will help prevent complications through labor and delivery.

I will help you with your fertility.

Nutrition plays a huge role in female and male fertility and maintaining a full term pregnancy. Whether it’s correcting under or overweight, normalizing blood sugar, changing the types of fats in the diet (unsaturated versus trans fats), proper vitamin supplementation (and not unnecessary over supplementation), and correcting nutritional deficiencies. Before you seek expensive fertility treatments, seek dietary treatment!
How will we work together?
  • I can help with anything. Whether you just want to see where your nutrition stands, if you have a specific health ailment, if you are under or overweight, or if you just want a complete nutrition overhaul; I am here for you and we can work it out together.
  • In a perfect situation we will also be working with your significant other and making this a family affair, getting you both as healthy as possible before you get pregnant
  • We will evaluate your daily life: food, supplements, mood, physical activity and potential toxins or stressors
  • I will analyze your diet and make food and supplement suggestions that are aimed towards preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy
  • If you are underweight, overweight or obese we will come up with a plan together to decide what will work for you to get to a healthier weight
  • We will test your vitamin D and I will request lab work from your health practitioner if necessary
  • If I recommend supplements, you will have access to high quality supplements at a discount and I ask that you pay shipping- no markup. I do not sell supplements, I just make recommendations.
  • Each client is an individual and therefore each plan of care and cost of care is different as well. But don’t plan to see me just once. Changing your health through nutrition is rarely a one stop shop!
You won’t get this individualized Nutrition Care anywhere else!

I want to make sure that all of your bases are covered before you get pregnant.

Most importantly, I want to begin our relationship as your family dietitian. I want this to be the first step that you take to raising a healthy eater and promoting good health within your household. Once we have established this relationship and agree to continue to work together, we will begin to formulate your pregnancy Nutrition Care plan and help you prepare for the next phase of your life.

I know it’s not common in this country but if you were wondering, THIS is preventative healthcare!

Don’t wait any longer, call for your appointment today!
The pursuit of educating and empowering women to make the choices that put themselves and their children's health above all else.
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