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Congratulations on the birth of your baby! If we have been working together throughout your pregnancy, your postnatal nutrition program should be a seamless transition. What you can expect is a plan that ensures you had meals and snacks ready for you when baby came home, you have a solid understanding of breastfeeding and have your support networks in place and you will have diet guidelines in place that will help you choose healing and energizing foods without having to think.

If you didn’t set up a postnatal plan earlier on in your pregnancy, it’s never too late to make an appointment! After you have your baby we will help you restore your health and make sure that you are getting the nutrients you need to maintain the strength, energy, and frame of mind to care for that special little human you brought into this world. I will also provide ongoing breastfeeding education and support to you and to those helping you.
How can Nutrition Care of Rochester help you?
  • Plan, guide, and encourage safe weight loss
  • Diet and supplement analysis to ensure you are meeting your needs
  • Menu creation (anything to take the thinking out of it for you so you can focus on the baby)
  • Grocery shopping tours and nutritious cooking lessons if that’s what you need to help you create and sustain a healthy home
  • During your pregnancy, if you encountered a serious health problem such as a hypertensive disorder, gestational diabetes, or preterm labor. These conditions all increase your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes in the future. I can educate you on how to lower those risks and live a long and healthy life through proper nutrition.
Why is this important?
  • To gain an understanding of the connection between your health and the food you eat.
  • To set an example for your children so when the time comes for them to start eating, healthy food just turns into “food”.
  • To ensure that your diet has the right types of fat while breastfeeding because that will lay the foundation for behavioral, eye, cardiovascular, and brain health.
  • To review your supplements while breastfeeding because mega doses of some nutrients can pass on to the baby and can be potent and potentially dangerous.
  • To monitor any potential toxins that may be present in food or in your daily activities while breastfeeding.
  • To keep you at your nutritional best so your next child will have the same chances at a healthy outcome.
  • The next milestone we will work on together is before you take the baby in for their 4-month appointment. At this appointment, we will begin to discuss the importance of waiting until the child is 6-months old to begin solids and how to transition baby to solids!
It’s never too late to make a change. Call for an appointment today!
The pursuit of educating and empowering women to make the choices that put themselves and their children's health above all else.
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