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Your baby is getting bigger and you are wondering about starting solids. You aren’t sure how or when to start. You visit the pediatrician for their 4 month well visit, some may tell you to start solids now and some may tell you to wait until the baby is 6 months old. What do you do?

Do you have a picky eater? How is their behavior? Do they go on a hunger strike until you make a separate meal of whatever it is they only eat 5 days a week? Now imagine that child as he grows up, has to make his own food choices, has a family, and feeds his children the same meals he is eating now because he doesn’t know any better. What do you do?

You call Nutrition Care of Rochester, that’s what you do! This is where my passion lies to create GOOD eaters that eventually grow up and continue on that path for themselves and then their own families. It’s a cycle that needs to start now!
What will be our plan of action?
  • I will provide education to you about the benefits of waiting to feed solids until the baby is 6 months old
  • We will determine what method of feeding you prefer (purees, baby led weaning, or a combination) and how to use either method to encourage feeding skills and appetite regulation
  • We will create a plan for what foods to introduce and when, I want to help you enjoy feeding your baby with confidence
  • I will teach you how to balance introducing solids and maintaining breastfeeding without any worries
  • I will help you and the child’s other caregivers learn how to model eating, how to avoid mealtime battles, and how to encourage new foods
  • You will learn about good nutrition, shopping, and cooking for a healthy family
  • As the baby grows into toddlerhood, we will slightly modify our approach but we will still encourage healthy food choices, we will begin to work on mindful eating skills, and nutrition education
This plan can and probably will be modified for everyone’s differing needs, making it as individual as possible. We will work together and create goals that are in align with what you want and can do for your family. After all, you have to maintain any changes so it should be realistic and attainable.
Prevention is easier than the cure:
  • Starting solids on the right foot and setting expectations of your children around food will make life easier and mealtimes more enjoyable
  • Teaching your children how to enjoy food, in the right amount, is a skill that will be with them forever
  • How a child eats at 2 is how they will eat for the rest of their life
  • Children who eat limited diets develop nutrient deficiencies that affect growth and development, even if they are becoming overweight
Please, don’t wait until it’s too late. Do yourself and your child a favor, call for an appointment today!
The pursuit of educating and empowering women to make the choices that put themselves and their children's health above all else.
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