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These pressure tactics can be felt as pressure by a child during mealtime, increasing resistance and decreasing the child's appetite and intake.
  • Bribing the child with dessert
  • Pre-plating the child’s food
  • Rewarding with stickers
  • Punishment for not eating
  • Praise for taking a bite
  • Discussing nutritional value of food
Some children will cooperate with a "one bite rule" in which they are required to try a single bite of offered foods. Other children, whether owing it to feeding challenges, temperament, or a combination of these factors, may feel the same tactic as pressure, and they will become more resistant. Many parents push their small children to eat more or eat different foods with these tactics. Parents were often raised this way ("clean plate club", rewards, dessert only after meal is eaten). Pressuring tactics often backfire, as Kerzner and colleagues describe, "These practices initially appear effective, but become counterproductive, resulting in poor adjustment of calorie intake, consumption of fewer fruits and vegetables, and a greater risk for under or overweight." Parenting style and feeding practices are linked with intake and outcomes. Authoritative and responsive feeding are associated with more positive outcomes than permissive, neglectful, or authoritarian feeding and parenting.

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